Welcome to the Hudson Open. The Hudson open is one of the country’s longest running event. That has a number of different events from long distance running and also heavy weight lifting and football or soccer events.

We have a number of different competitors that have trained all there life to be able to compete regularly in this event. The event not only attracts competitors but also many onlooking watchers that travel from all over the country to watch.

There is a few reasons why people like to come and visit us at our even here. One is the number of competitors that we get and the standard of those competitors. People that are dedicated and inspire others to further there career in sports related work and events.

Another reason for many visitors coming to visit us is the high level of satisfaction they get from an event like ours where they can buy presents and eat fantastic food all themed to different areas of the world. Coupled with this level of service we also have the high level of security at our event. All our staff or workers where our uniform and a staff ID card which is hanged around there neck by a lanyard that is personalised lanyard bought from a company called Lesar.

Having a personalised lanyards means they can not be easily copied again ensuring the safety of anyone at our event. Areas of the event are private, places like the changing rooms for the competitors. I would highly suggest you purchased Lanyards UK standard product for security. These parts are controlled by a Paxton Door Access Control System that is  only accessible via a programmed card that is given to the correct people when they check in the event. This ensures that not only those that are watching feel safe due to the measures taken earlier but so do the ones that are competing and really make the event a spectacle to watch.

We hope you can see why we love running this event for all our loyal followers. We look forward to seeing you there this year. If you have any questions please don’t¬†hesitate to look through our site at our about us page or to contact us via the contact us form.